Basic Life Support Sequence
Step Lay Rescuer Not Trained Lay Rescuer Trained Healthcare Provider
1 Ensure scene safety. Ensure scene safety. Ensure scene safety.
2 Check for response. Check for response. Check for response.
3 Shout for nearby help. Phone or ask someone to phone 9-1-1 (the phone or caller with the phone remains at the victim’s side, with the phone on speaker). Shout for nearby help and activate the emergency response system (9-1-1, emergency response). If someone responds, ensure that the phone is at the side of the victim if at all possible. Shout for nearby help/activate the resuscitation team; can activate the resuscitation team at this time or after checking breathing and pulse.
4 Follow the dispatcher’s instructions. Check for no breathing or only gasping; if none, begin CPR with compressions. Check for no breathing or only gasping and check pulse (ideally simultaneously). Activation and retrieval of the AED/emergency equipment by either the lone healthcare provider or by the second person sent by the rescuer must occur no later than immediately after the check for no normal breathing and no pulse identifies cardiac arrest.
5 Look for no breathing or only gasping, at the direction of the dispatcher. Answer the dispatcher’s questions, and follow the dispatcher’s instructions. Immediately begin CPR, and use the AED/ defibrillator when available.
6 Follow the dispatcher’s instructions. Send the second person to retrieve an AED, if one is available. When the second rescuer arrives, provide 2-person CPR and use AED/defibrillator.
AED indicates automated external defibrillator; and CPR, cardiopulmonary resuscitation.