Types of Food Representing 20 g of Carbohydrates and Number of People With Improvement in Hypoglycemia Within 15 Minutes (Based on Included Evidence)1
Type of Food or Fluid Carbohydrates/Serving Measure Representing 20 g Carbohydrates* Clinical Relief 15 min or Less After Ingestion
Glucose tablets Varies Varies 194/223 (87.0%)
Glucose 71%/oligosaccharides 29% candy (Mentos) 2.8 g/mint 5–10 mints 44/48 (91.7%)
Sucrose candy (Skittles) 0.9 g/candy 20–25 candies 150/177 (84.7%)
Jelly beans 1.1 g/jelly bean 15–20 jelly beans 33/45 (73.3%)
Orange juice (unsweetened, from concentrate) 1 g/10 mL 200 mL 35/50 (70.0%)
Fructose (fruit leather, such as Stretch Island) 10 g/strip 2 strips 111/165 (67.3%)
Whole milk 21.75 g/mL 435 mL Not reported
*These measurements may differ from those in the evaluated studies, as the amount was not standardized across studies.


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